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Day 20…nearly killed myself on stairs

I’m settled into a pretty good routine in my boot and life is actually starting to become pretty routine.  I know how much time i need to give myself to complete my day to day activities and haven’t had any issues with my crutches or near accidents in a while.

Today I found myself at the top of a short staircase, roughly seven steps, no big deal.  From the top i put the crutches down a step and my healthy leg followed only my body continued to lean forward…farther and farther….somehow my weight shifted too far forward from the top step, the crutches had wedged too far up in my armpits and i couldn’t move them to catch myself.  There was no way around it….i was going down.  I made the split second decision to jump down the remaining 5 or 6 steps rather than falling and certainly injure/embarrass myself.  Somehow i managed to twist my body in the air, toss the crutches and stick the landing without my boot so much as touching the ground.

I calmly picked up my crutches as shocked onlookers asked if I was okay to which i responded, "athlete," then went on my way.

I start physical therapy tomorrow morning…..hopefully it’s on the first floor.

5 Responses to “Day 20…nearly killed myself on stairs”

  1. kimjax Says:

    Congrats on a good landing! Glad you weren’t hurt. The crutching is more dangerous than our initial accidents most of the time!

  2. starshep Says:

    According to my therapist, it seems you have already mastered the second law of physical therapy - “don’t fall.” Now make sure you also master the first law of physical therapy which according to him is, “don’t kill yourself.”

  3. normofthenorth Says:

    Ya, congrats on sticking the landing — and writing a delightful post, too! One of my fave reasons to follow a fast modern rehab protocol (like UWO) with PWB @~2 weeks and FWB @~4 weeks is to minimize the time doing that scary crutch-walking.

    Two quick points:
    (1) Wherever you’ve got a strong banister on the same side as your boot, it’s really easy and safe to go down stairs leaning hard on the banister, with both crutches in the other hand.
    (2) Keep those crutch-tops OUT of your armpits!! That padded top is to be gripped/clamped between your upper arm and your side. If it’s hitting your armpits, your crutches need to be adjusted.

  4. tate Says:

    yeah, i used a bannister on stairs a lot early on before i got comfortable on the crutches. i have the crutch tops set a few inches below my armpits, it was just as my weight started to shift forward as a lost my balance they rode up into my armpits.

  5. ryanb Says:

    I’ve spent more time on crutches (not just with this injury) than I care to remember…

    For stairs, I ALWAYS flip the crutches to the *outside* of my arms, poking my elbows slightly through them for stability. It gives you a lot more vertical range of motion, and I think it’s a lot safer. In a way, it simulates what you can do with Canadian/elbow crutches, which are an even better option for stairs.

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