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Day 15. The Cast is Off

Had my first follow up appointment today to get my cast removed and sutures taken out.  I’m now in a cam walking boot at neutral with 3 heel wedges.  Doc said everything is healing up nicely and i can start PT next week.  He gave a prescription for 2 PT sessions a week for the next 4 weeks.  Hopefully my body responds well to those and I’ll be able to get some extra sessions in with our athletic training staff on campus.

The incision from the surgery was actually a little shorter than what i expected, only about 4-5 inches, but i could not believe how much my calf has atrophied.  I knew it would be small but it has wasted away to nothing.  Not surprisingly i can barely move my foot at all when it’s out of the boot but man it feels good to get a little air down there.  I can’t wait to shower tonight and be able to wash my leg.

The scar

Calf atrophy

2 Responses to “Day 15. The Cast is Off”

  1. ryanb Says:

    Are you sure it’s OK to get the incision wet at this stage? My doc had me keep it dry (bagged in the shower) until the incision was completely healed. Blood supply to the area is poor, and infection risk is high.

  2. tate Says:

    I don’t get the incision wet. I have my leg resting outside of the shower and I use a wash cloth on my leg and stay away from the incision area.

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