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Day 4…back to work

Yesterday was day 4 since my surgery and definitely had my most productive day yet.  After dragging myself off the couch this morning, I drove 15 agonizing minutes to work.  This was definitely the hardest part of my day.  It felt like my left hip flexor was going to cramp up the entire drive from not being able to rest my foot.  Today i’m going to put a pillow on the floor of the car so i can rest my foot.  I went through the whole morning with no issues then got a workout in at lunch.  Weight lifting is the staple of my daily routine so it felt great to do something active to take my mind off my ATR.  I did a light upper body lift consisting of bench press (feet elevated), plate loaded chest press, lat pulldowns, band work for my shoulders and some core.  The only negative about working out was keeping my left leg elevated during every exercise leading to incredible soreness of my left hip flexor and lower back today.

I popped a pain pill (i didn’t want to take any yesterday but I was hurting pretty bad after being up and moving around for an hour working out) after lunch and just kind of went about my business in the afternoon until it was time to go home.  When i got home I was able to undress and get in my lawn chair for a shower by myself…i still can’t put my plastic shower cast cover on by myself so i had to get help with that.  Other than that i can at least shower independently now.

I can feel that the swelling around my achilles is starting to go down as there’s less pressure from the cast and i can wiggle my foot around a little more.  I can also voluntarily control my calf muscle a little which is nice, although I feel a pinch in the achilles whenever i do it.

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  1. gkraemer14 Says:

    Easy does it with the voluntary movement there Tate. The achilles is contractile tissue and it needs sufficient time to heal before you start stressing it. As for the car, that was a tough one for me too. First had to swap cars because I drive a five speed but that really wasn’t an issue. The way my post op split fit me was NOT comfortable for driving though. I tried the pillow idea but that made it worse as the splint dug into my tibia when I rested my foot on it. Hope you can find a comfortable position.

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