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link for BOOT i bought and used from UK


just thought i would share the link where i got my boot from and which it was - donjoy MC walker this boot was amazing very comfy and did its purpose and easy to use :-)

heres the link - http://www.healthandcare.co.uk/walkers/donjoy-mc-walker-motion-control.html

Tara x

9 weeks and walking hehe :-)

hiya everyone

not been on here since 5 week update been a busy bee working TOOOO much, well ive come on leaps and bounds was reffered to physio week 6 which was great you get a free massage of your scar lol feels lovely hehe,, got the elastic band trainer to strengthen my foot, week 7 physio told me to stop wearing the boot out doors but to be very careful and its crucial to be careful so listen to your physio. week 8 started walking fairly normal my ROM is back to normal with the physio my ATR leg has now better ROM than my other leg lol

This last week ive had a slight problem i developed an infection in my wound lowest part as this still has not heeled over but i think its due to the boot rubbing it and no air getting to wound site since i took the boot off its started to heel over and i wear shorts and sandals as trainers backs tend to catch the lower part of the scar and dont allow for swelling .

in all ive done quite well fairly quick i have a slight limp when im tired or end of the day when swelling creeps up on me. but other than that its blumin good to be walking again and ive started back at the gym on static bike ONLY

happy heeling everyone and newbies the worst part is the beginning but keep a PMA and ull soon be at this point :-)

Tara xx

5 weeks post OP in shoes yeahhhhh :-)

hiya everyone

its only seems 2 mins since i first came on this site thinking the worst long road to recovery.

im now 5 week post op i was in shoes 4 week 5days and driving was scarey at first but supprised how good it felt my foot felt so much comfy in a shoe and ROM was very good maybe this was a sign i was ready to move into shoes. i feel so much better ive my freedom back with driving and being self employed im so happy ive got my business back on track too becasue no sick pay for me :-(

im seeing the surgeon next week not seen him for 4 weeks so hopefully he will be happy with the progress hes trying to get CAM boots into the NHS as he advised me to buy mine it cost £130  but he was right i believe this boot has speeded my recovery up fantastic plus with taking it off you can jump in the bath hehe.

my next goal is exercise so im going to ask the surgoen if i can go back to the gym on the exercise  bike and maybe spinning class but just steady.

one concern i have is before this injury i never even felt my tendons but now i can feel my good leg tendon is this normal becasue its taken so much weight and wear on its own? im worried this will rupture down the line too ??

happy heeling everyone this site is great :-) x

When safe to Drive??


i was wondering whats stage are you allowed to drive again? specially when its your right lag with ATR?

Tara :-)

Newbie Op-7thjuly2011

Hiya everyone - 3 weeks post op

took me forever to work out how to use this so bare with me lol,, (beware cant spell for toffee)

im female 30yrs old just ;-) from yorkshire UK

ive a complete achilies tendon rupture

accident - 3rd july 2011 doing 400m hurdles after not doing it for 10yrs ive been taught a BIG lesson no training HURTS, mid flight over an hurdle heard this loud snap i actually did not feel a thing, i though the heel on my shoe had broke as it felt like the floor came up to me i did another stride and realsied my foot was jelly and numb so hopped to the side of the track.

surgery date (on NHS) 7th july 2011

Plastercast applied after surgery, changed exactly 1 week after surgery to a fibreglass cast

exaclty 2 week post surgery stitches were taken out and i was put into CAM boot (bought my self NHS dont supply)

i take my boot off on a night put it on in the day and weight bare (angle of boot is 7.5 degrees going to 0 degrees this week) ive been pain free from 1 week post op , OMG i was in pain in that 1st week i tell ya OUCH, 1st weight bare extreme pins and needles but it soon goes after a few steps.

at 5pm every day i take the boot off and weight bare without anything (but only limp to kitchen n back to sofa n upstairs to toliet) soon as i rest it from 5pm swelling goes down very quick.

i keep circling foot to keep range of motion going.

im self employed so had no time off work :-( im a venue decortaor for weddings so no driving is a major impact, ive a little chair on wheels that spins so i whizz around venues on that putting chair covers on and tieing bows hehe

ive not used crutches for a few days now i only take them if im out for a long time like this weekend where at a christening so i will be taking them

to sum up im 3 week post op 4 week this thursday. and think im heeling very well my surgeon is bias to early mobility my next check up is 17th august where i think physio begins too. its a nasty injury ive had my ups and downs with it this 3 weeks specially first 2 weeks alot of crying and frustration, i have my good days but i have bad days especially when i ve been working it swells more but thats expected, i think the fine balance of mobility and rest is the key to this heeling process only time will tell :-)

looking forward to reading all the other posts and meeting some new friends and its nice to know im not on my own heeling (even tho i get looked at like a freek with my robo cop boot on when out and about haha)

Tara :-) x