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My progress so far - 9 weeks post surgery

Filed under: Uncategorized — tanja90 at 6:44 pm on Sunday, August 3, 2014

08/06/14 - 35 minutes into a game of netball I pushed off to dodge a defender as usual but this time I heard a thud, felt a kick and fell to the floor. I turned around and no one was there. I had a feeling it was my Achilles. I went to the hospital and they confirmed it and put a plaster cast on. It was a Sunday so I was told to come into the clinic the following day.

09/06/14 - Got ultrasound which showed 1.4cm rupture. Discussed options with consultant and decided on surgery. Said the next clinic with the surgeon was 2 weeks away but due to my age and activity levels he would speak to the consultant and see whether I could be seen earlier.

13/06/14 - Got a call on Friday morning telling me to come in for surgery. Was there until 4pm the following day.

25/06/14 - Wound check and cast change. Foot moved up to almost neutral.

09/07/14 - Cast change. Foot moved up to neutral.

23/07/14 - Cast removed and given boot. Discharged to Physiotherapist. Decided I wouldn’t just sit and do nothing like the consultant said so once home I went out in my garden and tried to walk slowly up and down using both crutches. I sat without my boot and pushed my foot back so my knee was over my toes and I could feel a stretch. I tried to do calf raises whilst sitting down but could barely move my heel.

24/07/14 - Using one crutch.

26/07/14 - No crutches with boot. Seated calf raises improved.

28/07/14 - First physio appointment. Seemed horrified to see me in a boot with no crutches but after talking to a senior physio he told me it was fine and that I could even walk around at home in trainers with a crutch! He had me perform some exercises so he could see my strength and flexibility and graded each one from 1-5. I scored 3 or 4 for all of them :). My leg seemed to have gotten slightly bigger since the cast was removed so I decided to measure so I could check my progress from then on. Left calf: 13.5″. Right calf 15″.

29/08/14 - Working on walking without a crutch in my garden.

03/08/14 - Physio said I can use stationary bike at the gym so I went for the first time today. The recumbent bike is much harder on my calves than the upright. I also walked slowly on the treadmill. My walking has improved but it is still slow with a slight limp.

04/08/14 - I have since been stretching everyday, icing everyday and doing calf raises everyday. I have also done a few squats. I have a physio appointment tomorrow.

05/08/14 - Went to the physio and he is happy with my progress. Still doesn’t want me to totally lose the boot just yet but is happy with me walking on the treadmill. He also says I can use the leg machines in the gym. I have 3 weeks to work on my balance and one legged squats and maybe start some more functional training.

08/08/14 - Things must be looking up. Today is the first day I have woken up without a stiff tendon! Legs & back today so I will try some one legged squats.

10/08/14 - Left calf 14″. It’s grown half an inch - one more inch to go

16/08/14 - The strength in my toes is improving. When I first went to the gym I couldn’t move a 4.5kg plate with my bad foot on tiptoes - pushing with the whole foot and with the heel were fine and I could do 18kg. Today I pushed 9kg with my bad toes and 25kg with my bad leg. I can also do one legged squats on my bad leg now and am able to balance whilst looking up.



Comment by normofthenorth

August 5, 2014 @ 5:30 pm

Are you unusually young, or old? Either way, sounds like great progress. But Watch Your Step, and keep your activities incremental. And keep one eye on the protocols here at /Cecilia/ protocols.
And your autocorrect seems even more aggressive than mine!


Comment by tanja90

August 5, 2014 @ 6:20 pm

I guess I am unusually young. I am 23. I am definitely not pushing myself too far. I am only doing what I feel capable of doing and what the physio advises. Thanks for telling me about the autocorrect. I have changed my post.


Comment by peterg

August 17, 2014 @ 1:02 am

Tanja90 I are you honestly doing pistol squats on your bad leg? Wow I love the sound of that as its exactly where I want to be later down track…

Awesome stuff keep up the good work!

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