May 21 2010


Results are in!…

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So I got results today, my MRI and Ultrasound look good and I will NOT need surgery.. :o) Apparently it was not a complete rupture and the Dr. said my leg should heal just fine in this boot. He gave me 3 more weeks in the boot and after that I have another appointment to go back and see him. I am very happy with the results I HATE this boot but I know that it is better than having surgery!…
Here is where it gets WEIRD…
I forgot to tell the Dr. about a pain I have running up on my hurt leg (thigh area) I don’t get it all the time but when I do its very uncomfortable!.. So i decided to call the office and have his assitant mention it to him and call me back with his response..
I just heard back from her and she told me the Dr. wants to see me again on Monday (UHHH Noooooo!)!!!… I explained to her that I had just paid a copay today and didn’t want to have to pay one on Monday if I didn’t have to, and the Dr. could give me his response via phone… She told me he wanted to physically see my LEG (why didn’t he look at it when I was there?) yeah sure I know maybe its my fault I forgot to mention the pain, but I still think he should have taken a look at my leg, what do you guys think??
His assistant said the Dr. thinks I should get an MRI on my knee because he wants to make sure I don’t have Knee damage.. WHAT??? I already had an MRI and a Doppler ultrasound …. My knee does NOT hurt!.. Now I am confused he turned my good day into a bad day!.. You guys give me your opinion ….

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  1. normofthenorthon 22 May 2010 at 1:16 am 1

    No idea, Tania, sorry. I haven’t experienced, or read here, about any thigh pains after an ATR, partial or complete.

    Have you been weight-bearing, walking on the boot, or have you been NWB? I started messing up my knee (8 yrs ago, first ATR) from spending so much time kneeling (e.g. at the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink) when I was NWB. Then when I started walking, FWB, the difference in sole thickness gave me pains in LOTS of places, until I built up my other shoe so it was as high as my walking cast and then my (hinged) boot.

    Aside from those complications of rehab, the most likely cause of your pains may be that you hurt another part of your leg at the same time — in which case you should probably get it checked out.

    If they’re giving you a non-surgical “conservative” cure for a partial ATR, try to get a printout of the protocol they follow. I think it helps to let them know that you’re on top of things, and not give them permission to just ad-lib each time you go in.

    If nothing else, the few of us who started with a clear “road map” have felt more in (co-)control, and comforted to know what was supposed to come next. They may well tell you that “each case is different” and they’ll make decisions based on how your leg progresses, etc. — fair enough, but you could still get a “default” or “average” protocol. (You could also tell them that the latest studies, using EXACTLY the SAME protocol for about 150 patients each — all of them “all different”, too! — produced excellent results, with good ROM and strength and very low re-rupture rates. See my blog for details.)

  2. Gerryron 02 Jun 2010 at 5:21 pm 2

    Are you over-reacting? Based on what you wrote I would have to say yes. Because your thigh had been bothering you, it was up to you to tell the doctor. There isn’t any reason for him to look at your leg unless you provide a reason. It is not unreasonable for you to ask why you need a MRI of your knee. You would be surprised how things are connected inside. And it may also be that it isn’t the knee itself that he wants to see, but the connecting tissues just above and below. I had intermittent pain in my left knee and numbness in my leg for two years before a doc finally said “I think we need an x-ray of your back.” Didn’t make much sense at the time but the x-ray showed bone spurs on my spine that were pinching nerves. I had the bone spurs removed 10 years ago and have had no problems since.

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