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90 degrees ?
December 14, 2009, 6:59 am
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Hi All,

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor. I am now 2 days short of 8 weeks. I feel like I can walk without the crutches, in fact I have tried a couple of steps and I was succesful. My tendon is not as tight as I first wear my shoes. If I pay attention I can walk without a limp. I hope that my doctor will change the heel of the shoe with one cm shorter one. On the other hand, I still couldn’t make my foot 90 degrees, which I think will allow me to put my bare foot on the floor while standing. I will be more comforable while changing clothes or taking a standing shower once I achieve this point.

My question is when did you reached 90 degrees? Which execises did you do? Does massaging helps?

Thanks and better healing for everone…


Some Photos
December 9, 2009, 7:01 am
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2 days after surgery/rupture

2 days after rupture/surgery


Day 18 first cast off.


Day 34 out of second cast (1)




Day 34 out of second cast (2)


Day 35 out of second cast (1)


Day 35 out of second cast (2)


Day 45 with two shoes (1)


Day 45 with two shoes (2)


Day 45 with two shoes (3)

6 weeks and 5 days interesting news
December 7, 2009, 12:11 pm
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Hi all ATR community,

Last two weeks were pretty interesting for me. I was in boot for one week, now I am it two shoes for 5 days. Next week I will be using just one crutch. here isthe story;

On 11/25 (at the end of week 5) I went to the hospital to see my doctor, hoping coming out of cast and upgrading to the boot. My doctor was not there and an assistant of him helped me. He gave me an Aircast FP walker, showed me how to wear it. Infact I was very comfortable in the second cast, and hoping for more freedom with the boot. but, as soon as I wear it I realized its heaviness and discomfort. Furtermore, the assistant didn’t change weight I bear and the angle, and reminded me NOT to take it of while sleeping. It was a huge dissapointment for me.  The day after I had flight to my wife’s hometown for the religious holiday. I plan to make another post about the perfect experience flying with Turkish Airlines.  Anyway the holiday was fine I got used to the boot somehow with a couple of nights with unpleasant sleep.

On 12/1 (one days short of 6 weeks) I went to the hospital to see my doctor, and ask him if I can take out the boot at night.  The doc felt the tendon by pressing with his fingers, and pressed by foot upwards, streching the tendon with a moderate force. He said everthing is ok, you don’t need to waste time with the boot, just go to a shoemaker and change the heel part of  your old show with a 4cm(about 1,6inches) long  heel just for the injured side. Use this shoe for two weeks, first week with two cruches, second just one next to the good leg. I asked about the PT, he said later. As an execise, he told me to roll a bottle under my foot upon soaking my foot in warm water.  I was surpised, and said Ok. Now I am walking slowly when compared before, not to take any risk. I can feel the pulling of the tendon while walking when my injured leg is behind and need to point my foot outwards to decrease the strech.   Also, I can’t make my foot 90 degrees, maybe short of 10 degrees.But,  I feel like it is getting better, the pulling is less now when compared to e first day I wear the shoes. I feel like the ROM will not return to normal in a short period. Patience is the key, like most of the experieced people here says.

I will post some photos soon, to show my progress. I hope everybody will get well as soon as possible…

Update and a question
November 22, 2009, 3:34 pm
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Hi all,

First of all, I would like to thanks for the creator and the contibutors for this valuable blog/website.

I have completed my first month succesfully without any complications yesterday. I am more comfortable with the crutches. I am following my doctor’s roadmap while trying to have more information and share experiences about this injury on this blog. My doctor stated that he had done around 1000 ATR surgeries, and experieced no rerupture. As it may seem a little unrealistic, I have to and want to believe him since I am following his plan. 12 days ago, I have upgaded from a hard cast to a soft one which is far more comfortable. My doc increased my PWB from 10kg to 15-20kg with the new cast. Next week I will be in the boot. That’s all I know for the moment.

Since I am new in this blog I have a question for the experieced friends. According to the report the rupture was at the musculotendinous section. This section is between the muscle and the tendon. It is known that tendons heal slowly because of poor blood supply. Do you think having the rupture in a section close to the muscle and veins may have positive effect on healing. Does anyone ruptured around the musclotendinous section?

Thanks in advance


The Surgery and until now…
October 27, 2009, 12:08 pm
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My uncle, who is a former professional basketball arranged a experienced surgeon with sports injuries. I talked with him(surgeon) on the phone, he recomended that a early operation in an advantage and offered me to do it that night.  I had my surgery at 12.00pm. It was succesful according to the surgeon.  The next day I was in the bed all day. The first inspection was OK, no swelling and bleeding. It was important because I have had an asprin before the soccer game because of a slight backache. The doctor said I may experiece some bleeding, but thanks god and the great surgeon, I didn’t. The other day I went to rehabititaiton department, to walk with just pressing 10kg.  Also I learned the execises to keep my right upper leg muscles strong. Third day I was at home. Today I had my third dressing for my wound. Everything is Ok until now.

First post
October 27, 2009, 11:39 am
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I have found this blog, while searching for information on the internet. I would like to say hi to everybody suffering from ATR and in recovery period. I am an amateur bodybuilder, 188cm (6′  3”) 107kg (240lbs.).  Here is my story…

I have ruptured my right achilles tendon on wednesday 21st at 8.00pm while playing soccer. I play soccer since I was a kid. I was playing every week  for a couple of years. 6 months ago I had broken both of my toe nails and I made break. This match was my third after the return. It happened within the last 5 minutes of the game, so I was warm enough. I was running, I felt like somebody hit me. When I found out that nobody was behind, I understood that there is something wrong with my achilles. I took out my sock immidiately to check, and realized the gap, and faced with the truth. I was about to faint because of fear, but there was almost no pain. I didn’t even contacted the calf muscle. I sit for a couple of minutes and drink a glass of water to calm down. I asked on of my friends to take me to the hospital immidiately. The first doctor said it was probably a partial tear, because I was able to control my feet very slightly and apply some power. I wanted to believe him and think positive, but I was thinking of the gap. The second doctor who I think more experieced checked my tendon and said that it is a complete rupture, the slight movement and power is applied with toe tendons.  At that moment I knew that I would need a surgery. I had MRI scan to see the exact situation.  Now I was waiting for the surgery…