10 months later…it’s good

Tomorrow will be the 10-month anniversary of my surgery.  It has definitely been an ordeal throughout the year.  Two months ago it looked like my OS was going to have to go back in to see what was going on with my foot.
I had been going to physical therapy and had done additional damage while going through [...]

Is it okay to say Yay and Ew Ouch in the same sentence?

First the yay! It has now been seven weeks past my surgery and I am now finally knee walker free.  My doctor allowed me to start putting full weight on my foot last week, sleep without my boot and take a shower without putting anything on my leg.
Initially, the doctor told me to use either [...]

Three weeks after surgery and it’s no good

It has been three weeks since my surgery for achilles tendinitis/tendonosis, debridement and Haglund’s deformity.  I can tell you that it has been a rollercoaster of a ride too.
To begin with, I didn’t want to have the surgery.  While I was in pain with my foot, I knew that I was not prepared to handle [...]