Week 6

Hi, 6 week post rupture, just had heel adjusted on Vacoped, and the rocker sole changed for a flat walking sole. My foot is now flat - at right angles to my ankle. But ouch! It is so painful, like the achilles is tearing. Is this common? Doctor didn’t check ankle at all, so how [...]

Tabitha’s achilles tendon rupture

Hi everyone
I am so pleased to find this website! It has been a great source of information, and has even inspired me to create my own blog (although I am not sure what I am doing yet!)
I had surgery on both ankles on 12th October for chronic achilles tendinopathy - after years of physio and [...]

Tabitha’s Blog

Ruptured right achilles tendon after bilateral surgery for achilles tendinopathy

Tabitha’s new blog

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