Week 6

Hi, 6 week post rupture, just had heel adjusted on Vacoped, and the rocker sole changed for a flat walking sole. My foot is now flat - at right angles to my ankle. But ouch! It is so painful, like the achilles is tearing. Is this common? Doctor didn’t check ankle at all, so how do I know the achilles is repairing? Thanks for any comments…

Tabitha’s achilles tendon rupture

Hi everyone

I am so pleased to find this website! It has been a great source of information, and has even inspired me to create my own blog (although I am not sure what I am doing yet!)

I had surgery on both ankles on 12th October for chronic achilles tendinopathy - after years of physio and recently shock wave therapy. Unfortunately hours after surgery my right achilles ruptured. After an ultrasound confirmed a full tear, I was put in a Vacoped boot and 3 days later sent home with instructions to keep leg elevated and not walk on it.

After 3 weeks boot was adjusted.  Plan to adjust again in 3 weeks. Beginning to hobble around on crutches - but difficult as left ankle is still weak from surgery. Hoping to get advice from others and share experiences.

Tabitha’s Blog

Ruptured right achilles tendon after bilateral surgery for achilles tendinopathy

Tabitha’s new blog

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