ATR Timeline

  • Name: szaitz
    Location: New York City
    Injured during: Touch Football
    Which Leg: L
    Status: 2-Shoes

    496 wks  4 days Post-ATR
    495 wks  6 days
       Since start of treatment



My name is Steve and I have been playing in the same touch football game for 20 years…until this past Thanksgiving morning.

I’m 46 and have watched all the guys my age fall away from the game, but I loved it so much and was so healthy year after year, I felt I could play forever. That notion crashed and burned when I collapsed to the turf on Turkey Day.

I live in New York City and never realized until now how non-flat it is.  I had surgery Dec 3, 2013 and got my cast off Dec 14, 2013.  I’m now PWB in the big boot and going to PT 3 times a week.