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  • Name: szaitz
    Location: New York City
    Injured during: Touch Football
    Which Leg: L
    Status: 2-Shoes

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Getting Ready for ACTION

May 15th, 2014 by szaitz and

Ok guys - I’m 5 1/2 months post-op and after a troubling but minor bout of Peroneal Tendonitis, I think I’ve turned the corner and I’m ready to start resuming my normal array of athletics. Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Roller Hockey to name a few. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on Achilles Preventive braces, socks or support systems that will fit into athletic shoes/cleats/skates. I intend to wear them on both feet and if it slows me down by 5%, I’m cool with that, as long I have a little more piece of mind that I won’t re-tear the repaired AT and newly tear the good one. Thanks in advance for the knowledge…SZ

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3 Responses to “Getting Ready for ACTION”

  1. normofthenorth Says:

    I didn’t use ‘em, and doubt that they’d help or save you.
    A few decades ago, I started twisting my ankles way too often. I switched to high basketball shoes to play volleyball. No idea if it helped or not - volleyball was the one place where I NEVER twisted an ankle(!). After maybe a year or more, it just stopped happening! Hope it stays away, of course.

  2. szaitz Says:

    Thanks Norm - You are probably right, but one of these things might have at least a psychological benefit. So I’ll peruse the surgical supply store this weekend and see what they have. SZ

  3. smick Says:

    I bought an achillotrain on amazon based on a recommendation I found here from another blogger. I’ve been wearing it and I found it provides some compression and proprioception of my achilles, plus massage of it. People seem to use them in sports.

    As far as I know, there is no brace that actually can protect an achilles. You’d need to have a boot on that limits range of motion to do that. So it won’t prevent an injury outright, but the achillotrain may be some extra comfort and awareness.

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