Week 6+

I had my week 6 post Op appointment on Friday. I was told I can exit the boot and begin PT next week. At work I spent the whole day in sneakers, and it was quite freeing. I can’t push off when I walk just yet, but I can do full seated calf raises and can put in quite a few reps with an elastic band. I’m excited to get to PT next week to be evaluated and given direction on what I should be working on. I am trying to take it slow, but it seems like this process is gone much faster than most accounts I have read. Besides being in sneakers at 6 weeks post op, I am walking around the house barefoot with no pain. This might have to do with the fact that I was put at neutral so early.

A small lump has formed at the base of the incision nearest to my heel. I think this is the area where the tendon had curled up when it was ruptured. I think its just a collection of fluids and swelling as a result of the new movement. I’ll have to keep an eye on it. Anyone seen this before?

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  1. Wow barefoot after 6 weeks post op! Congrats. I’m almost 8 and just got boot to 0 yesterday. If I don’t keep foot elevated, it turns red in less than a minute. Do you have any trouble with not keeping foot elevated?


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