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Post-Op Visit

October 11th, 2012 · 3 Comments

Well, after 1 week (6 days) from surgery I had my first appointment. Physically things had been going well, I felt as if I was heeling okay and was nervous about my first appointment and cast change. They took off my splint and had me lay on my stomach. The doctor saw my leg and was impressed, said it was heeling well. I wasn’t prepared for this but they took out my stitches. It didn’t hurt too bad, just kind of like plucking a hair, maybe even not as bad! Next they put me in a new cast (full plaster) but didn’t change the angle of my foot. Two weeks of this position! I can do this…
This is my leg. I’m proud that the scar looks so good! Very clean edges and good approximation of the incision. Please don’t mind how hairy my leg is, I’m horrified! The bruise is from the hematoma where I tore my muscle as well. I’m concerned that my actual heel is so red, the pressure I’ve had on my heel worries me about a pressure sore. Must monitor it closely!
My pretty new purple cast! She’s a beauty!

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