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October 5th, 2012 · No Comments

I was so excited for this day to come. To me it was finally the beginning of my healing process. I arrived at the surgery center at 7 am.

This is what my legs look like on the surgery day, I want to do a before and after to see how bad my leg will atrophy

Anyway, Shortly after I arrived I was taken to pre-op holding room. I changed into a paper gown and was allowed to leave my underwear on. The pre-op nurse started an IV and began my pre-op antibiotics. My mother was allowed back and we waited for anesthesia to come. The anesthesiologist called me the night before and explained that he wanted to do an anesthetic block on my leg to help control pain. Why not? Shortly before surgery the anesthesiologist came and prepared me for my block. My mother left at this point since she can’t handle medical things too well.

The anesthesiologist had me lay on my stomach, he gave me some medications to help me relax and not get nauseated (Versed, Fentanyl, Zofran). He then used an ultrasound to find the sciatica just below the back of my knee, he poked me once and I felt what was like pins and needles all along branches of my lower leg, he then poked me again and inserted the anesthetic to numb my leg. Next I was taken off to the actual operating room.

In the OR I was wheeled in and remained on my stomach. Being an ICU nurse I’m quit familiar with surgery, anesthetics and such. I asked if he planned to intubate (put the breathing tube) me while I was lying on my stomach and the anesthesiologist said yes. This is not normal. I’ve never heard of patients being electively (or even emergently) intubated in this fashion. Not concerned I said kudos. He next approached me with a syringe with milky fluid, the last thing I remember was telling him,"Ooh, that’s propofol" and lights out.

I woke up out of surgery and saw my mom by my side. I was pain free but groggy. Very clearly (to me and to my mom) I said, "The last thing I remember is the propofol, good job!" and then continued to repeat Good job, Good job multiple times.

What was surprising and yet disturbing to me was that my leg was paralyzed. I couldn’t move a thing below my knee. I knew they were going to numb it but I’m not sure why I didn’t think that it would be paralyzed too. There’s different things with numbing agents. For the most part you can take away the patients ability to feel pain, but not pressure. Surely this had to do with him injecting it into the nerve and not just the tissues. Anyway…

Within 30 minutes I was discharged with my mother home. She set me up in my room and I took a good nap. She also spent the first night with me, although I’m sure she didn’t sleep for fear of me trying to get out of bed on my own. I took a pain pill (Norco) and began my recovery…
This is My first post-op cast, I had a lot of pain with pressure at this weird spot on my heel, it started to concern me. so I ended up calling the surgeon and he said I needed to have my cast redone in the ER. So below is the next new cast…

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