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11 weeks post op, Out of boot!

December 20th, 2012 · 1 Comment

So yesterday I went for my 11 week post op, 6 weeks in a boot visit with my doc. What a frustrating yet exciting visit I had. I somehow am no longer seeing the physician but the PA. Not too thrilled about this. So I hand her my information given to me by my PT. According to my PT, my ROM degrees are quite impressive. Near perfect on my plantar and dorsi flexion, perfect on inversion/eversion. My PA asked me how I was feeling. I explained that it’s been pretty great, no pain, minimal swelling, great ROM. I asked her all my questions I’ve been saving up, and finally got my answers. I got a prescription for adding stretching and strengthening to my PT. I asked her about ditching the boot (as I thought was the plan) and she seemed reluctant!!! She questioned how I was feeling etc and I explained I felt great and felt ready. I promised I wouldn’t over do it and attempt to run a marathon so she finally agreed. How ridiculous! I then ask about returning to work. I acknowledged that I didn’t feel it would be in the next couple weeks, but as I was told at my last visit, I could be released when I felt ready after 12 weeks post op. This PA disagrees (WITH THE PHYSICIAN WHO SAID THIS TO ME) and said we can discuss it at our next appointment (18 weeks post op). UGH!!!

Granted, this is putting me back to work about 2-3 weeks later than I anticipated. I’m so frustrated. This is not at all based on my response to PT but based on some random amount of time that she feels needs to pass. If the case was that I wasn’t progressing and my fuction was limited I think I would be more understanding. But the fact is they have this number in there head of weeks they want to pass, but why didn’t they ever say this in the beginning?! So ridiculous. Any way, I am finally at terms with this, but truth is, at my next appointment if they try to pull some crap and say I need to wait (provided I feel ready) I’m going to blow a gasket.

So more about being out of the boot. Umm, it’s amazing. Wore 2 shoes for the first time in 3 months! It’s a bit ironic that I chose the same nikes I got injured in, but they’re practically brand new! I am now on day 2 walking and it’s going quite well. I was at first walking like what I call, peg legged. I was using my bad leg more as an anchor and not properly heel toe walking. With some assistance of my PT I have to remember to walk the right way. I have a tiny limp, noticeable when I attempt to walk “briskly” (briskly in my opinion was probably my natural pace). I have no pain, and minimal swelling. It’s funny because I had more pain in the stupid boot than I do on my own.

Well, I did ask to increase my PT to 3x/wk. I like it that way, I do other exercises and it makes me feel like I have a routine. I started with some very light resistance bands (yellow) and my PT says she wants to see how I tolerate and we will increase the resistance if I feel up to it tomorrow. I feel up to it! Yay! All in all, it’s great to feel more normal. On a side note, I do need to find all my left shoes now. haha… Merry christmas everyone!


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Almost 9 weeks and change post op…

December 9th, 2012 · 4 Comments

Well, I continue to be bad (in my opinion) and walk around my house without the boot. I know the protocol as mentioned by normofthenorth states that this is acceptable at my stage in healing but I still feel guilty. I’m not good with breaking rules when it comes to this injury even though I’m pretty non-compliant (or complaint as I see fit) in my other health issues. I think it has something to do with being accountable at PT every week… However, My gait (walk) is getting really good! No real limp when walking slowly, I don’t attempt fast walking or much other than around the house type things. I am 10 days from legally being out of my boot!

I can’t believe this whole experience is moving right along. I remember in the beginning each day was dragging but now that I am ambulatory my life seems a bit brighter! I do have a bad day here and there. I’ve progressed in my Physical Therapy to where my AROM is essentially perfect, my PT no longer even manually stretches my foot out because it’s pretty worthless. I honestly feel like she’s just playing with my foot. I do my own ROM, leg exercises and upper body exercises without guidance, honestly, I feel like PT is a waste of time at this point!!

I’d give anything to be at the strengthening phase of PT. I hate going and feeling like I’m just getting checked off without being able to see any further results. December 19th can’t come soon enough. I am worried about coming into PT when I’m out of the boot because I know it’s going to be obvious that it’s not my first time walking! Maybe I should get back in the boot and stop practicing walking… but is it worth saving face at PT and delaying my return to normal function?

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8 weeks post op

December 1st, 2012 · 2 Comments

Things are going well! I’m walking in my boot with a normal looking gait, pain is pretty much a 0/10 99% of the time, and PT is going smoothly. My PT remeasured my degrees of plantar and dorsiflexion and apparently my plantar flexion is 20 degrees shy of normal and my dorsiflexion is 3 degrees shy of normal. I’ve made great progress! I have a little less than 3 weeks in the boot left until I am out of my boot and I’m getting a little anxious.

It’s hard because I am starting to feel stronger so I notice myself getting a little ballsy. For instance. When I bathe, I step into the tub rather than slide in. Am I allowed to do this? I’m not sure. The doctor did say I could shower normally which would include standing sans boot so one could assume I could do this. Also, I find myself taking a few steps without the boot sometimes. Never more than 5 feet but still. It was crazy because at first when I tried this it felt like my leg was not apart of my body, and now it’s feeling more natural. Also, I should add that I don’t do a normal walk when I do it without the boot, it’s more of a place foot on floor, walk with other leg type thing. I really need to stop, but I’m super careful.

19 More days!!!

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