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Non Surgical Recovery-this is hard!

Filed under: Uncategorized — sweetdreamsnyc at 3:17 pm on Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hi all :)
Well I tore my achilles July 25 jumping in flip flops or slipping on the carpet(did both that day!)

I went to the doctor a few days later and he diagnosed me with tendinitis and sent me home. A few weeks later it was no better so about a month into the injury we got an MRI and I had a “low grade” tear and a bit of bursitis. He did not recommend surgery.

Surgical supply came over with a boot and gave me no instructions how to use it so of course it HURT, HURT A LOT.

Called the doc and he said well if you cant wear it then don’t but stay pretty much in bed. Which is what I did other then hobble to the bedroom to the kitchen etc I was bedbound.

3-4 weeks after that I was still no better so back to the doc we went..he still doesnt recommend surgery(which is good!) though this time I am in the boot and wearing it(religiously!) much more comfortably then the last time.(also good!)

As of today I have been in the boot 5 weeks and I cant say I have seen any life changing improvements..minimal improvement at best..swelling is down though not gone ..pain wise some days are better then others. Today is a bad one!

My poor good ankle has been taking so much abuse the last 3 months that now it hurts too which makes this nightmare even worse. I have done all I could to try not to strain it too much ..could be strain/soreness or it could be stiffness I dont really know as I havent been able to take a normal step in 3 months..I will definitely discuss with doctor at next appt in 2 weeks

I know I am just going to have to hang in there as surgery is no way an option for me. My luck is bad so complications are almost a given lol. I am too clumsy(very!) for crutches and our bathroom is way too small to accommodate getting in there safely with them anyway.

This injury has crushed my spirits, I dont sleep well and I cry all the time. Before this I was HAPPY, relatively fit and at the gym 4 days a week. Now I am 20lbs(a guess) heavier and none of my clothes fit. My poor husband has to cook, clean, shop, commute and work and deal with a sobbing wife.

Sometimes I think I am resting too much(I am home all day) and not active enough but the doctor says stay off it if it hurts(which it often does) I am so sore from just laying around though that being up now feels better then laying down(uggg)

This injury is so confusing.

I just want to walk again.

Nice to meet you all :)