Thirteen months and healing long

I haven’t posted in a while thought I would provide a quick update on my condition. I’m 67 years old and 13 months post surgery. I am back to my regular activities but at a reduced level.  These include daily vigorous trail walking up to 4 miles, biking 50-80 miles a week, Pilates 3 days [...]

Nordic skiing

I went x-c skiing yesterday, 12 KM, classic technique on groomed trails with lots of hills. I was very nervous. It actually turned out great and was validated that the healing is taking place, but slowly. I’m not in the best cardio shape and strength and endurance is compromised in the injured leg, but all [...]

6 months

I last posted at 4 months, and my achilles rupture rehab continues, very much taking on a life of its own. While much has returned to normal, the 12 month recovery now seems quite reasonable (crazy!) and there is much more work to do. So, here are some observations:

I am walking normally to the casual [...]

16 week check in

Well, I have made it this far on what seems a life altering event.Maybe a year from now it will recede in my memory, we will see. All in all, things go well. I am doing PT every other week now and many of the exercises are the same with minor variations and tweaks. [...]

12 weeks

Well, I am 12 weeks post op this Thursday, and things continue to get better. I am doing PT once a week and have a full set of exercises and stretches that I do daily. The progress is slow, but measurable. I did 12 minutes on the rowing machine (first time since the injury) at [...]

Calf Pain

I am eight weeks post surgery and rehab is going well with 2 shoes, fwb and increasing mobility and strength. I’m doing PT 2x a week and in the gym pretty regularly with a set of exercises. My concern is with significant pain and swelling in the calf area. I am icing and getting massage [...]


Six weeks post surgery and I have been released for FWB in the boot and driving as needed… woohoo!(good riddance to the knee scooter, lol). I have an aggressive PT and she wants me out of the boot in 2 weeks. Still have some pain and swelling in the calf and ankle area; it gets [...]

So I am 2 weeks post surgery and I had the sutures out yesterday. The incision looked fine, tight and clean. During the last 24 hrs I have had some light pain at the incision site which I assume is normal. I have been released for PT at 3 weeks but can’t see the gal [...]

So, 6 days post surgery. I am off the painkillers, just taking a small dose of acetaminophen as needed. Incision site feels ok, tight and tingly with a dull ache. I am catching up on reading, tv (ugh), and surfing the web looking for info related to the injury and surgery. On the rehab front [...]

Its my 4th day post surgery - time seems to be going very slowly. Sleeping has been fitful, a combination of pillows, foam blocks, etc to keep the foot in the air and some separation between my legs really helps. Frequent daytime naps make up for what I don’t get at night. I am going [...]