Thirteen months and healing long

I haven’t posted in a while thought I would provide a quick update on my condition. I’m 67 years old and 13 months post surgery. I am back to my regular activities but at a reduced level.  These include daily vigorous trail walking up to 4 miles, biking 50-80 miles a week, Pilates 3 days a week and intermittent gym workouts. So here is my best shot at descibing my current condition:

  • The tendons appears fully healed but not fully recovered. I don’t get any real pain or swelling, maybe some tightness after strenuous workouts, and I have no fear of re rupture or rupturing the other leg. Range of motion in the ankle and foot region is close to the healthy leg. I do have some nerve damage on the inside of the heal and arch which can be annoying.
  • I am not a runner, rather a back country hiker and bike rider both of which I have resumed, but still working back to  pre surgery strength.
  • I have significant atrophy on the injured leg and despite all the PT and exercising, there is no sign that it is going away. I am unable to do a real one leg heel lift on the injured leg, it gets up about 1.5 in max and will not rise any higher.
  • My pushoff on the injured leg is reduced as well as overall leg strength. I have gotten to the point where I can get out of the saddle on longer climbs on the bike but there is still a big strength deficit.
  • Given the above, I have no doubt that I have healed long which seems to be a recurring theme in the blog posts. I am not going to do the shortening surgery, just too much and I think that I can live with the reduced function of the injured leg though not happy about it.
  • I had canceled a Nepalese trek scheduled for this fall to allow further rehab but it is on again for next year and I will be doing workouts specifically tailored to this trip including some extended backcountry hiking with a full pack. It remains to be seen how my stamina with the injured leg will be in this environment.

All in all I feel good but the recovery has been grueling and I can see that it isn’t over. In fact I accept the fact that it may take up to 2 years to plateau, and then require further diligence on my part to stay at a satisfactory level of fitness.

I enjoy the blog-it really helps to read the stories of others, and I wish everyone the best.

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