6 months

I last posted at 4 months, and my achilles rupture rehab continues, very much taking on a life of its own. While much has returned to normal, the 12 month recovery now seems quite reasonable (crazy!) and there is much more work to do. So, here are some observations:

  • I am walking normally to the casual eye but can still feel a hitch largely due to continued weakness in the calf as I launch my stride forward. Distances of 3-4 miles don’t really cause me any trouble, but I certainly am not ready to do mountain trail hiking with a pack. I have been riding my road bike up to 20 miles on flat roads and am just recently able to get out of the saddle to climb small hills.
  • I have been out of PT for the last 6 weeks and continuing my exercise routine, working out at least 5 days a week. I still can’t do single leg heel raises on the injured leg; I get up about 3 inches and that is it. It feels like I will be one that takes the full 12 months.
  • I  have a lot of muscle atrophy in the injured calf. Not only is it smaller, but the density of the muscle is significantly less compared to my healthy leg.
  • I don’t really have any pain, just tightness around the surgery site in the morning or after hard workouts. In addition I have nerve damage on the inside of my heel/arch area and this area gets tender and sore. Dorsal flexion is maybe 80% compared to the healthy leg with most of the impairment in the ankle - this mobility has been a work in process.

In general I am doing OK but my original hope that I would set the recovery record has been dashed, lol. The big challenge is to continue to push hard on the rehab without getting discouraged, and giving up. Is this the definition of humility perhaps.? Thanks for listening and good luck with your own journeys - very much enjoy reading your posts.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Our timelines are pretty close so I am interested in your progress. Any work with jogging or jumping yet? Just started and strangely jumping is much easier than trying to jog.

    I’m curious abut the “tightness”. I get a sharp pain at the surgery site when overdoing it which gives me some concern.

  2. Im not really doing any jogging (not a runner), but some aggressive trail walking on uneven terrain. I am doing jumps which feel awkward on the injured leg, otherwise manageable. I can get phantom pains all up and down the leg from toe to upper calf but there is no rhyme or reason to these and they seem to pass quickly. I would add that I have no fear of a re-rupture, the surgery site feels rock solid.

  3. Thanks for the update Sweet70. I like reading blog posts that are close to my timeline so I can compare where I am at. I too am at about six months, and mimic almost everything that you put in your latest post. Walking fairly long distance does not seem to create an issue with my repaired AT, but I still struggle to do a true single heel lift. I am able to walk “normal“, but know I still have a slight limp especially when I’ve been sitting for a while and take my first few steps. I can roll up about 2-3 inches off the towards a single heel lift, but it stops there. I’ve been doing lots of calf raises and eccentric exercises to help build up the strength. I can tell each week that it’s getting a little bit stronger. Look forward to made updates from you and Jeff16 since we are sharing the same timeframe on recovery.

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