16 week check in

Well, I have made it this far on what seems a life altering event.Maybe a year from now it will recede in my memory, we will see. All in all, things go well. I am doing PT every other week now and many of the exercises are the same with minor variations and tweaks. I work out daily; I’m not sure how else one could recover from this injury.
Mobility: Pretty good, some tightness across the bridge of my ankle and general tightness in the tendon area in the morning which passes. Plantar flexion is about equal with both feet and dorsiflexion is about 80% of the healthy leg.
Strength: This is a work in progress and I can see where the 1 yr recovery is not an exaggeration. I am doing the same exercises mentioned elsewhere in the blog but am still a long way from one leg heel raises with the injured leg. There is incremental progress in this regard; I can notice advancement week to week but not day to day….very frustrating.
Activities: I am walking on level surfaces as well as an off road trail with uneven surfaces. I can’t really push off as hard on my injured leg as I would like, but it generally feels good the more active I am. I have been riding my road bike for the last 2-3 weeks on a local asphalt rail trail. This is for the most part flat and I just spin, high cadence in the saddle only. I can’t really get out of the saddle and load the injured leg yet; this is the equivalent to a one leg heel raise, but will keep at it. This will be a good measure of the rehab program.
Limp: Its still there but very slight, and probably not noticeable to others. As I stride forward with the injured leg there is a brief moment of weakness where I collapse onto the good leg.This is as much in my head as in my gait, but a very real thing. When I am fresh and strong, no limp and when I am fatigued it comes back. Probably no great surprise.
Pain: Not really much pain, rather some general discomfort after big workouts. This can run from the toes to the upper calf and affect lots of different soft tissue areas.
Summary: Not much more to say. I continue to enjoy the blog site; I gain as much or more info from the bloggers and the related postings as I do from my medical team. Good luck to all on their recovery.

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  1. Sounds like you’re progressing nicely! I’m still at the tiny steps and work on proper gait portion of recovery :) with just ROM and a little band work as my achilles exercises.

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