Six weeks post surgery and I have been released for FWB in the boot and driving as needed… woohoo!(good riddance to the knee scooter, lol). I have an aggressive PT and she wants me out of the boot in 2 weeks. Still have some pain and swelling in the calf and ankle area; it gets aggravated by the walking, but I’m not complaining. Related to this, they call this a walking boot but it is terrible for trying to establish a proper gate and tends to hyper extend the knee. Someone needs to invent a better option, maybe they have and i just got the wrong product. Im doing theraband strengthening for the foot an achilles area and ROM exercises as well as bridges, planks and upper body stuff. Net of this is that the leg is ‘waking up’ and is getting stronger, but slowly. Also doing stationary bike for 20 mins at setting 9 which gets the heart rate up a little. All in all, it seems like a bit of a milestone on this tortuous path.

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  1. I’m about 2.5 weeks behind you. Sounds like you’ve made some great progress lately and your message gives me something to ( hopefully) look forward to. Hope you keep on keepin’ On.

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