So I am 2 weeks post surgery and I had the sutures out yesterday. The incision looked fine, tight and clean. During the last 24 hrs I have had some light pain at the incision site which I assume is normal. I have been released for PT at 3 weeks but can’t see the gal (background in college level team sports) I want until the 26th so I have cobbled together a workout routine I can do that is NWB for the injured leg, maybe 10-12 stretches and  exercises for lower and upper body. As part of this, I am doing unbooted ROM exercises with the affected leg, holding it in the air and doing light rotations with the foot. This produces a light tug on the tendon but no pain. Am I pushing this too hard, or should I just trust myself? I am waiting to hear back from the doc on this but not holding my breath. I can also put light weight (10% maybe) on the wedged and booted foot, just for balance, with no pain. Anyone else remember this point in their rehab…thoughts?

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  1. I would say you’re pushing it if you’re trying to stand on it. I was not allowed to do any ROM until 3 weeks and then it was just gentle things. My doc was adamant about being NWB for 6 weeks. Since my end result was great I’ll follow his directions for my next foot surgery as well. Feel free to read my blog to see what I did and when. There are many 1-footed exercise workouts on YouTube - that’s what I did for the first 3 weeks (had to elevate 90% of the time so couldn’t really get out much) and finally at week 4 I went back to the gym (still NWB) so I could use the rower and recumbent bike (one footed). But - as always - each of our surgeries is different so your doc is the best one to ask for guidance since s/he knows what the surgery entailed. I know my 6 weeks of NWB was so that the area where the tendon was reattached could heal sufficiently. And be sure you continue to keep the swelling down. Swelling does inhibit healing.

  2. Going on 5 weeks post surgery - starting PT on Thursday this week - can’t wait. Doing PWB on my crutches and the achilles area feels good, but very tight with some pins and needles in the foot sole and tenderness in the calf. Im still sleeping with the boot, don’t like it but feel more secure when I stumble into the bath on crutches. I am working out every day on my own with a full set of exercises that don’t involve the injured leg. As others have said, this is critical to both physical as well as mental health. Yesterday I rode a recumbent stationary bike letting the injured foot in the boot just ‘go along for the ride’. Also I’m still icing 4-5 times a day to control swelling, but there is much less of this now.
    As others have said, hang in there…measure your progress day by day. It gets better….

  3. Hey thanks for the words of caution, believe me I’m no hero. When I went to the PT they were fine with my progress and said up to 20% PWB on the injured leg, but want to get me walking in the boot immediately, plus ROM exercises. She is very concerned about atrophy, adhesions, scar tissue, etc. Interestingly, they subscribe to the Univ of Wisconsin protocol which I found on this blog site; I felt like I was well informed. I was released to do a stationary bike so looking forward to getting a sweat going. Next PT visit on Monday when I see the surgeon.

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