Cserpent, I see you on the blog a lot, thanks for the well wishes. To other members, I am curious -the pain block pretty much killed all sensation in the leg for the first 40 hrs after surgery but now the pain is kicking in, deep and throbbing and I am using the hydrocodone painkillers which make it bearable. I wondered how many days people found they needed the opioids before they were able to get by with straight acetaminophen?

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  1. I started the painkillers exactly when they told me to and used them as directed (every 4 hours from what I recall) for about 5 days. Then I cut down to 1/2 strength for about 3 days and then moved to tylenol. My doc says I have a high pain tolerance - I have no idea how one would know that for sure. I felt no pain that I can recall. But I kept my foot elevated as directed (90% of the time for 3 weeks), iced as much as possible and I’m sure that helped a LOT. Swelling will definitely add to any pain. I vaguely recall some pain twinges now and then, but nothing that lasted very long.

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« Yes, so I had the surgery yesterday, but maybe back up a little to the event. My wife and I were traveling in Amsterdam when I went for a jog in Vondlepark. No weird movement or violent shock, just a sharp slap to the back of the leg accompanied with a sharp cracking sound. I almost went down, caught my selg and dragged the leg back .5 mis to the hotel. I continued to walk on the leg for 2 days trying to talk myself into thinking that I had a calf muscle tear-flat footed through the beautiful squares of Brussells with our tour group. The injury site was starting to swell so I went to a hospital emergency room and I was diagnosed with the achilles injury by a competent orthopedic resident fluent in English (can’t imagine how this might have gone on some on treks in Tibet or Peru). So we worked with the Road Scholar, the tour group to rearrange our flight home ten days early. Travel insurance kicked in and we flew first class (small blessing) back to Spokane, 24 difficult hours, arriving home on June 17th. I went to a sports medicine clinic on Monday morning and the surgery took place yesterday at 2 PM. I had both the general anaesthetic and a block. Everything went according to plan and I woke up alert and in no pain. I slept well last night, still a little groggy and the block is still in place - no pain at all at this point. I’m not looking forward to rehab, just thinking a day at a time. Grateful for the blog, good community. BTW, I have promised my wife that we will return to Europe and continue our trip in 2019. Thanks for the well wishes. Next Post »