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July 31st, 2011

Four week update on re-rupture

Posted by suthrnman in Journal

It has been four weeks since that dreadful day when I re-ruptured.  The encouraging words from everyone were very helpful in those following days–thanks again.  I am sure many will disagree with my decision, but I couldn’t bring myself to have surgery.  I decided to immediately put the ankle in a boot and let it ride.  If at four weeks it didn’t seem like it was going well, then I would have to reconsider.

I have been following the UWO protocol pretty closely with only one exception so far.  The protocol calls for the ankle in a splint for two weeks and then a boot.  The splint may keep the ankle at a steeper angle; nevertheless, my ankle was set at 30+degrees.  One tip for Vaco-Cast users: the beads were kinda deforming my Achilles . . . mostly from the swelling around the boot liner.  I made a real effort to push the beads away from the Achilles with my fingers.  This seems to have taken any pressure off the tendon and it feels much smoother now when I take my boot off.

Bottom line: my tendon has healed together with no tenderness or irregularities other than a small uniform ridge at the rupture point.  I have been extremely careful not to stretch my Achilles and thus repeat my error from the first go round.

Since week three, I have done  gentle movements per the protocol along with using the electric massager. I have also begun protected weight bearing using my crutches.  I believe the protocol calls for weight bearing as tolerated from week four onward.  However, I probably will continue PWB for another week or so before I go FWB.  I don’t feel any pain and probably could easily go FWB right now, but I want to protect from pre-mature stretching.

Hope everyone has swift and complete healing.  Blessings, pk

July 3rd, 2011

Re-rupture at 19 wks

Posted by suthrnman in Journal

I just re-ruptured . . . this time it was painful and swelled immediately.  I thought things were going well, but I guess not.

After hurrying for a short distance with a fast walk/slow jog, I stopped to pick tomatoes and took a leisurely walk back to the house which was maybe 100 yds away.  Everything felt good and then when I was almost to the house it suddenly ruptured.  I am devastated . . . Many other people are suffering worse than me, so I can’t feel too sorry for myself; however, I can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel I will never get back to running.

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