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Hi All! My name is Susan and I am officially 3 weeks post op. I had a Haglunds deformity and my Achilles’ tendon was severely damaged. For those of you who don’t know what Haglunds is, well, it’s a bump that forms on the back of your heel from running or wearing tight closed back shoes. It’s commonly called a pump bump. Anyway, my troubles started a few years ago and progressively got worse. I decided to have the surgery , ( after a ton of research) , at UCDavis Medical Center by a sports medicine orthopedist. My Achilles was detached, calcaneous reduced and Achilles reattached along with a donation from by big toe’s tendon. My doctor did a suture bridge and I have 4 calcium screws in my heel. I am currently in the neutral position and have started to wear my air cast.
Speaking of air casts, I order the Vacocast online and I’m glad I did. It’s much better than the air casts you get in the hospital with wedges. I am going to submit it to my insurance but I don’t think they will pay for it, but it was well worth the investment! I also use a knee scooter which is awesome! Yesterday I started massaging my incision. It’s hard and rough. Anyone have any suggestions? Well, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I look forward to reading yours.

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