Almost 4 mos

I’m almost 4 mos post-op ATR surgical repair!!  I’ve done great!  Ankle feels good.  Only a few toe pumps to get me walking after sitting in a long meeting.  My gait "appears" normal though I still have to concentrate to make it so.

Yet, over the last week, I’ve felt discomfort in my toes. We worked on stretching them in PT (I was released about 4 wks ago) and I’ve been doing some exercises to gain heel raises. I’ve have minimal swelling to date (though I still ice and elevate when I go to bed), but this week, the top of my foot is noticeably (though just mildly) swollen.  That isn’t normal for me.  I’ve also noticed that, thought my ankle is feeling pretty normal, the top of my foot…not so much.  I’m still doing my mile walks and working on a steady gait while working on gaining speed.

Have any of you had these post-almost-recovery-unexplained-mild-set-backs?  I know my body gets inflamed (thus my true believe in ice therapy…back surgery in 2015), but it is rarely visible inflammation…especially with the ice/elevation.  Tonight…my foot is freaking me out a bit.  :(

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