I’m STILL dealing with elbow and shoulder pain…likely from using the scooter while NWB in a small space (House Boat for 5 days).  I’m guessing that’s tendonitis.

I also had an MRI on my right knee (good leg) for a likely meniscus tear.  Nothing showed up but some water/inflammation of the knee….so unknown cause.  It still clicks/locks (unlike a normal join "pop") and doesn’t always feel strong enough to use it to step off a curb.  I tend to land firmly on my healed left ankle.  Surgeon says MRI’s detect 90% of meniscus tears.  Am I in the 10%?  I’ve dealt with it for 4 weeks now…while learning to walk w/o a limp outside of a boot.

At this point, I’ve paid my full insurance deductible so, explorative knee surgery (on my good knee) would not be out-of-pocket (though expensive for insurance).  I’m scheduled to see my surgeon on OCt 31 for release but insurance resets on Nov 1.  Therefore, do I do explorative/repair surgery now or continue to "see" and pay out-of-pocket again.

I still have to stretch my left ankle (4 mos post-surgical full Achilles Rupture Repair) before walking…though the limp is pretty mild without it.

I don’t want another surgical repair to disrupt my left ankle and walking progress to be in jeopardy.  Yet, I don’t want to go another 2 months and pay out-of-the-pocket up to another $1500.

Thoughts? Experiences?

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