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I was able to enjoy the pool yesterday…it will likely be the last time, unless I join a gym membership (w/ an indoors pool).  Fall crept into the Midwest today. I’m not disappointed but it is a setback in my water options and walking (it has rained since 3 this afternoon).  To add, half of my huge Bradford pear tree feel under the weight of the water and wind…its leaning against my house.  No walk tonight…instead I was on the phone getting bids for the complete removal/stump grinding.  Next will be finding a new tree and company to install it. Super bummed….it was a beautiful tree.

In the water yesterday, I did heel raises, even singles, in just above waist water.  I also walked across the pool multiple times (again just above waist) on my toes.  I really want to continue this exercise as I’m finding heel raises a major challenge, yet a goal.  (I can’t even hop and get my left heel off the ground FWB…My "good side" takes probably 80% of the workload/weight).

I hope my tree is gone and replaced (so sad) while my calf/thigh/tendon strength continues to get better.  I walk normally then sit for 20 minutes and limp again.  PT told me that will last for a while.  If I do toe raises to stretch and focus on my gait, I can take off pretty well.  I just have to continue to remember all of that.

Would love your feedback.  Progress!

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  1. Heel raises should be a challenge at this point - being able to do single leg heel raises was the last check mark for my surgeon to release me. Keep working on all the other PT exercises which will help build up the strength and pay attention to doing it right even if that means you need the assistance of a wall or you have to lean on a counter. That was how I was told to do heel raises. Start by leaning on a high bed or counter so most of your weight is in your arms torso and do heel lifts. As that gets easier start, slowly, moving more weight to your leg. So you progress from leaning on the counter with your torso, to leaning on your arms, to holding weight in your hands, to using a wall for balance and, finally, you can do it free standing. It takes a while but you don’t want to rush it since you want the achilles to completely repair and build up the strength slowly.

  2. Hey Susan we pretty much at the same point of recovery. I tore my right Achilles June 16 and had surgery June 20. I was playing basketball when I tore mine.
    I saw my surgeon for the last time last week in which told me I could start jogging running on flat surfaces and in two weeks I can start jumping.
    What is crazy is he said I don’t have to come back to see him anymore and I don’t need any more PT bc I have so much strength.
    I don’t know what exactly I should be doing I’ve been riding bike elliptical treadmill (ran today for 5mins) lifting weights.
    Did your surgeon give you some kind of protocol?

  3. Shema,

    Great job!! Sounds like you are cleared and can move forward within what feels ok!! That is amazingly inspiring! My only thoughts are, if you feel you need more PT to continue progressing to 100%, ask for it. They can help support the running side-to-side, jumping, etc, to ensure you are not putting the healed Achilles at risk.

    No. I didn’t get a protocol from my surgeon. I don’t see him until Oct 31 to get that clearance. Yet, I did get released from PT 2 weeks ago with continued stretching and strengthening exercises/activities. I haven’t been able to jog since back surgery 3 years ago so my end-goal isn’t being able to jump or run. It’s being able to get back to walking 15 min miles with my dogs and, sometimes going more than 1 mile at a time.

    I truly feel sorry for those of you whose life can change long-term from this injury. It sounds like, that in less than 4 months, you aren’t one that is letting that happen.

    Good luck! I hope this helps a bit!! Congrats on your progress to date!!

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  4. CSerpent,

    When were you able to do a single heel raise? I’ve been stretching, walking, and doing (some) double heel raises and attempting to walk on my toes (using the momentum from my other foot). I’m 4 mos post op on Halloween.

    I tried last night to do a single heel raise without any support via a small hop just to check my progress. I raised my heel perhaps 1/2″! I am so excited!! Before, I couldn’t lift my heel at all! Doc said do what I can do without pain. I’ve had a few set backs & I’ve stopped pushing myself a few times but am super excited to hit this goal!!

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