2 Weeks post op, doctor says keep boot on for 5 more weeks?

Hello all, I am on day 15 after the surgery, I went to the doctor 2 days ago and he says I have to wear the boot another 5 weeks, isnt this too long too be wearing the boot, I see others who have already started excercises around 3 weeks post op, My concern is do you guys think my doctor is waiting too long to start me on physical therapy?

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  1. I’m 10 weeks post op, and just ditched the boot today. I don’t think going out of it at 7 weeks is too bad. You can still be doing some light physio during the next while. In my opinion the boot is a good thing since it allows your upper leg to get a much better workout than if you had no boot. You can still take the boot off to do calf specific ROM exercises and very light strengthening.

  2. My doctor, too, is very conservative (at least in relation to the blogs appearing here.) I was 4.5 weeks in a cast, and now 3 weeks in a boot, still NWB. I do one simple exercise three times a day. At week 7.5 I finally get the heel wedges and go to PWB. And that’s if she feels everything is going well. I have the same concern as you, since my calf is shrinking alarmingly. And, of course, I’m becoming increasingly incensed at having to maneuver about on crutches! However, from my careful reading of the blogs, her treatment is conservative, but common enough.

  3. I had questions about the conservative approach myself. My doc recommened letting the achilles go through it’s biological healing before putting stress on it. Now reaping the benefits of it. Right at 5 months and doing everything except not back on tennis courts yet. Should be there in a month. As always listen to your body and it there is sharp pain,stop. A little discomfort and stress is more of an indicator of working the tendons and muscles. Step by Step, Day by Day and you’ll be back sooner than you think.

  4. I guess you cant go wrong with the conservative approach, after going through the same injury on my right leg, I just want to get back to at least walking asap. The doctor did say to do ankle excercises twice a day for 10 minutes. I wear the boot all day, I dont wear it to bed everynight, I just rest my leg on the pillow. Thanks for the encouragement

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