Day 7 - boredom sets in

Very bored right now, my lower leg is a little swollen, I try to keep my leg up as much as I can but it can be uncomfortable, I go see the doctor in a week which is 2 weeks after surgery.  I have the soft cast on now, I guess I will get a hard cast next week.  This has to be one of the most toughest injuries to go through as I am sure fellow atr members can say.  I will be so glad when it is over, the blog definitely does help!!

One Response to “Day 7 - boredom sets in”

  1. Yes, I thought I about reached the end of the internet by about day 7! Better once you get the walking boot. Still awkward and frustrating, but better. One thing I learned with the hard cast on is that and ice bag on the outside of the cast still feels good (along with keeping it elevated as much as possible).
    Good luck

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