I Injured my other Achilles Saturday :(:(:(

I cant believe this happened again to me. I first ruptured my right achilles 3 years ago, I had surgery, went through the grueling recovery and said I never wanted to go through that again, well this Saturday I was playing ball with the kids and i heard the dreaded pop from my left leg, (it wasnt as loud as the one I heard in my other leg) Well now I cant really walk, I have an appointment with the Orthopedic tomorrow, I really hate this happened to me, it couldnt have happened at a worser time, I just started my new job in January and I havent accrued enough sick time to take several weeks off, I am hoping that it might not be as bad as it was when I injured my other achilles

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  1. Really sorry to hear about this. Scariest thing for me is after I recover if I re-rupture again or rupture my other leg. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks, found out today that it was torn, surgery is tomorrow, there was no mri done, the doctor did the thompsons test and said it was torn, I have the exact symptoms from when I tore the other one. I am glad that surgery is tomorrow so I can get started with the recovery. He said I could opt not to have surgery and just have a cast but it would still be about the same recovery time. From what I have read, surgery in my case ( i am 43, sometimes a weekend warrior :) ) would be best.

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