Week 7, boot comes off tomorrow!

First of all, I went to my doctor 2 weeks ago and I told him that I felt I was ready for pt. Since I had this surgery before ( on my right leg) I felt I had an idea of how much my ankle could tolerate. Originally the doctor wanted me in the boot for 7 weeks after surgery which I felt was too long. When I had surgery on my other achilles, I was out of the boot in 3 weeks. So he let me go to pt after 5 weeks. I have been doing very well, actually I have been able to walk with out the boot (pwb). I still have a limp but I know this is normal 7 weeks post op. I am just so glad that I will be getting out of the boot. After surgery it seemed like like was crawling,but it gave me time to count my blessings and to also realize that I need to seek god first! Also what is somewhat strange is the different recovery schedules doctors have after surgery, some want you out of the boot soon, others do not - go figure :)

2 Weeks post op, doctor says keep boot on for 5 more weeks?

Hello all, I am on day 15 after the surgery, I went to the doctor 2 days ago and he says I have to wear the boot another 5 weeks, isnt this too long too be wearing the boot, I see others who have already started excercises around 3 weeks post op, My concern is do you guys think my doctor is waiting too long to start me on physical therapy?

Day 7 - boredom sets in

Very bored right now, my lower leg is a little swollen, I try to keep my leg up as much as I can but it can be uncomfortable, I go see the doctor in a week which is 2 weeks after surgery.  I have the soft cast on now, I guess I will get a hard cast next week.  This has to be one of the most toughest injuries to go through as I am sure fellow atr members can say.  I will be so glad when it is over, the blog definitely does help!!

Home from surgery

Well the surgery went okay, now the boredom sets in, at least I get to start my search for a better paying job hopefully with the government.  I go see the doctor in 2 weeks.  The last time I injured my other achilles, I waited about a year and a half for surgery because I didnt have insurance at the time. I am hoping to be able to go get behind a desk at work in about 2 weeks or maybe this is too optimistic?

Day 3 Doctor says its torn, surgery tomorrow

After hearing that my tendon was torn, I took the first surgery appt which is tomorrow, I think the hardest part for me  from my last experience was the wait until the surgery, I think the sooner it is over the better!:)

I Injured my other Achilles Saturday :(:(:(

I cant believe this happened again to me. I first ruptured my right achilles 3 years ago, I had surgery, went through the grueling recovery and said I never wanted to go through that again, well this Saturday I was playing ball with the kids and i heard the dreaded pop from my left leg, (it wasnt as loud as the one I heard in my other leg) Well now I cant really walk, I have an appointment with the Orthopedic tomorrow, I really hate this happened to me, it couldnt have happened at a worser time, I just started my new job in January and I havent accrued enough sick time to take several weeks off, I am hoping that it might not be as bad as it was when I injured my other achilles

Injured both of my Achilles

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