Decisions Made



Well I finally got an estimate from the hospital: $17, 000.00 + also I have to take into account lost earnings and the possibility of complications. So I have decided to have the non surgical treatment. My cast will go on tommorrow and then the recovery process will begin. Kind of sucks to make health decisions based on economics rather than necessity; that is life though and it could have been something life threatening rather than just inconvienient. So since this is the worst health issue I have had in my 47 years, what can I say its been a good run.

Have been using my IWalkFree for almost 2 days now. Think I was feeling my oats though, followed the instructions in the video, walked around the house a little and thought I was ready to take it out in the world. Well a humbler man writes this tonight, I definately wasn’t ready for the world. I am surprized I didn’t bust my *** today. But I can brush my teeth and look in the mirror without feeling like I am a high wire act. I also can walk up and down stairs with minimal effort when compared to cruches. So with a little more practice I can see it being well worth the money.

Thanks to all of the many people who have left comments to my prior postings, it amazing how much it helps, amazing.

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