Visit To The Orthapedist

11/21/2008 9:00AM

They can’t tell me how much the surgery will cost. For all intense and purposes I don’t have insurance that will cover the surgery, it is considered elective! Given that fact I need to know how much the bill would be to determine if it is something that I want to do. They can’t tell me the price, including tax title and tag! How can you make a decision without knowing the cost? The frustrating thing for me is that I am going to make a decision not based on the best treatment for me but purely based on economics! Anyway a new splint and a decision of whether to have surgery or not. My first doctor preferred the non operative approach, the other doctor seemed to be pushing to have the surgery.

But I am a contract worker so I if I am not working I don’t get paid, so the true cost is the procedure plus lost work time, arrgh!!

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  1. dennis Says:

    surfingpilot - Hi. Here’s a post about health care costs. This should give you some sense of how much you should expect to pay for the surgery.

    I’ve also seen other posts about cost of health care, so do a search from the main site.

    Here’s some helpful information about surgery vs. non-operative treatment:

    Typically, if you are active/healthy then it’s probably better to go with surgery.
    I hope this helps! best of luck!

  2. Mike Erickson Says:

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