Thanksgiving Alone


Lied to people at work told them I had friends coming in to see me, didn’t want people worrying about me. Before the rupture was suppose to go home to spend Thanksgiving with family.

Instead, cooked a beef roast, red beans and rice and cream corn. I was very tired and in reality it was a good day of rest. Surprisingly didn’t really feel that bad being alone. I am going to get an IWalkFree hands free crutch, that should help me be more active. Just not used to being so inactive, I was in the middle of renovating my house when this happened so I need something that allows me the use of my arms, hope it works.

I am lucky that I am a software developer, and I am not on my feet all day. I have to start looking at this down time, as time to develope some new skills. If I use this time wisely there may be some unforseen benefits. Need to stop feeling sorry for myself, it happened, it can be fixed and life will go on!

8 Responses to “Thanksgiving Alone”

  1. maestro Says:

    Thanksgiving is over-rated any way. You’ll be fine. I’ve heard people rave about that Iwalkfree. Check this blog—>

  2. Smish Says:

    Surfingpilot: I totally agree with what Maestro said. Thanksgiving is over-rated. Something upsetting always happens when my family gets together. Get this, yesterday my mom was talking smack with a guest/friend we had over. My mom forgot who was listening and what she had said before and she proceeded to tell this guest how SHE GOT RID OF ONE OF MY DOGS WHEN I WAS A KID (I am 40 now). My jaw dropped and hit the table. I had asked her several times over the last 25 years if she knew what happened to Mick Jagger (my dog that was silver but had big huge black lips) and she always lied right to my face. That is so uncool. Good object lesson for my kids to see that the truth usually finds it’s way to the appropriate ears. Grrr!

  3. Richard Says:

    At the risk of sounding a miserable sod I think being on your own is under-rated. I quite like my own company and often have a day out with myself!!

    Don’t get me wrong I also enjoy socialising with others and all the usual stuff but just not all the time.

    Family get togethers can be quite fraught - I’ve found short sharp visits are the best before any festering issues can raise their heads!!

    Only 4 weeks to Xmas!!!!!


  4. Smish Says:

    Richard: I agree with you totally. That is why I usually don’t do the family get togethers. Every few years I get hammered into it and every few years I get reminded why I stay low key around the holidays. Besides, this year I am not in the mood to get lectured on whether or not I am still using a painkiller and how addictive painkillers are from family who has never had a serious injury in their life let alone an ATR. Cheeeeers!

  5. dennis Says:

    surfingpilot - Hi. Here’s a post about health care costs. This should give you some sense of how much you should expect to pay for the surgery.

    I’ve also seen other posts about cost of health care, so do a search from the main site.

    Here’s some helpful information about surgery vs. non-operative treatment:

    Typically, if you are active/healthy then it’s probably better to go with surgery.

  6. Doc Ross Says:


    One day at a time. I also did mine playing racquetball. During this period its a good idea to re-evaluate goals, dreams, hobbies, etc. Set up your ‘Bucket List’. My downtime led to picking up the saxophone, travel planning and new office goals.
    Hope all is well.

    Doc Ross

  7. Sara W Says:

    I always fantasize about being able to spend holidays alone and unencumbered by family duties. Probably not as much fun in reality, though……

    I always try to look at times like this as a chance to re-evaluate everything. A very good thing, indeed! Hope you feel better!

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