May 14 2012

Atrophy and the Long Road

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2 Weeks Post-Op:

I just got my cast off today and my stitches removed. It’s good to know that that leg coffin and the itching that goes with it is gone for good. On the downside, I was quite shocked at how much my calf has atrophied in just two weeks. There is almost no muscle tone at all. My forearm is actually larger than my calf muscle. It’s quite depressing. I’ve also noticed my foot is less defined and a bit smaller than my right counterpart. All in all, my doctor assures me I am on track. I will still be on crutches for at least another two weeks, after which I will start physical therapy. In the meantime, my surgeon has given me to go-ahead to start some range of motion exercises as tolerated. I forgot to snap a picture of the incision site (I’ll do this later). I well tell you that it does not look pretty. It’s still a bit red, swollen, and tender. Thankfully, I have no pain though. I assume everything will come together over time. I was told that I should quickly bounce back from the atrophy once I start using the leg again. Only time will tell. I will assure all of you looking at these pictures below, this leg will get some serious training, once I can tolerate weight bearing exercises, to get back to pre-surgery status and beyond. Good luck to all of you and try to keep your spirits up. I know I’m having a difficult time at the moment accepting the reality of the situation, but I’ll get through it. It’s just another hurdle in life.

Calf Comparison:

Atrophy - 01

Calf vs. Forearm Comparison:

Atrophy - 02

3 Responses to “Atrophy and the Long Road”

  1. tateon 14 May 2012 at 2:52 pm

    I was shocked when i got my cast off. i took measurements the other day. Healthy leg 15 inch calf and 21 inch quad…injured leg 13.5 calf and 19.5 quad. Be prepared for your foot to be extremely weak as well. At first whenever i would squeeze my toes my whole foot would start shaking.

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