May 10 2012

Putting the Mind to Ease

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Any sort of surgery that is going to have a lot of downtime can be quite frustrating and even depressing. I sucks to think that there are people who have open heart surgery, that recover faster than we do. Although I have made good progress so far, being mobile on crutches, I’m still stuck in the house. Reason being? Well both my vehicles have a manual transmission and my surgery was on the left heel. So no clutch foot. This means I’m at the mercy of my benefactors to run errands, shop for food, and take care of the little things around the house. This is incredibly distressful at times because I feel useless, and I’ve always been a ” do it yourself” person. So the idea of having someone catering to me is not appealing in the least bit.

So what have I been doing with my downtime since I can’t leave the house? Well, mostly, I’ve been entertaining my hobbies. I enjoy aquascaping (planted aquariums), but due to work and other obligations, I never really get the chance to spend the time trimming and doing the maintenance it needs to flourish. Yesterday, I spent 2 hours doing just that. The tank looks a lot better because of it. I forgot to take a picture of course, but I have a stock photo in one of my previous blogs that shows the diminishing state of the aquarium. I’ll take some pictures for you guys tomorrow, since the lighting is cycled off at the moment.

I’ve also had time to catch up on some reading, being a big science fiction fan. I’ve currently completed Neal Asher’s Gridlinked series, and I’m working my way through the Wool series by Hugh Howey, which I should complete tomorrow. I’ve already queried a number of books that I hope to make my way through during my recovery. If you guys have any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear.

… and for all you gamers out there Diablo 3 releases next week!

All in all, I hope everyone’s recovery is going as planned. Cheers!

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