May 06 2012

Pull Yourself Out of the Darkness

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Day 6:

As planned, I hit the upper body today.

Routine (x3):

22 pull-pups

32 dips

50 push-ups

I was unable to hit the full count without stopping on the 2nd and 3rd session due to muscle fatigue. This was rather difficult in the Florida heat as my heart hate got pretty high. It it did feel good to get the upper body working again, especially the back, which has been aching due to laying in bed.

My cast is getting looser by the day from my calf succumbing to atrophy. Only another week until I get this thing off and I can start working some range of motion exercises. ┬áIt can’t come sooner. I think once I finally get the cast off, I’ll start hitting the weights at the gym again. For now, I’ll use this as my routine.

3 Responses to “Pull Yourself Out of the Darkness”

  1. constamjon 06 May 2012 at 10:13 pm

    Good luck with the recovery. It is really hard to keep spirits up after this kind of injury. I was pretty down today but it helps to hear from others that are pushing through. For me, the bright side was my triceps are going to really pop.

  2. kimjaxon 08 May 2012 at 6:54 am

    You’re inspiring me! I’m envious that you got to see the doc so quickly. I’m on the same timeline, loose cast, etc., till last night. I went off motrin yesterday and did fine till some swelling started again last night. Im really wanting more Motrin. I wonder if your getting up and around more is why you’re doing better? I’m going to work on some exercise and see what happens!

  3. superluminal51893on 10 May 2012 at 4:55 am

    @ kimjax

    I was on hydrocodone liberally for the first two days. Ibuprofen on the 3rd day. I’ve been off pain medication since. I did have some pressure and swelling for first few days when my leg was below the waistline. By 5 days out, I can let my feet hang below a chair like a normal person for extended periods of time with little discomfort. I had quite a bit of frustration the first few days trying to find a comfortable position in bed without my back aching. The only occasional discomfort I have now is with the incision site. I’m sure I will have lots of discomfort to come once the cast comes off and I start moving around.

    I did another ab workout today, and I’m surprisingly making progress. I did a few more reps with less downtime. I’m going to do another upper body workout tomorrow.

    P.S. - Also keep in mind, I didn’t have an Achilles tendon rupture. My surgery was for retrocalcaneal bursitis and Haglund’s deformity correction, so my recover might be a bit different than yours.

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