May 04 2012

The Long Road

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DAY 4:

I am officially off pain medications as of yesterday. I saw my surgeon for the first time since the operation on May 1. We took some x-rays and I was quite surprised as to how much bone he was able to remove. To my dismay, I have to retain the hard cast for another week, just as a precaution, and because the cast internals are completely sterile. This will allow the surgical incision and the bone to heal uneventfully.

On the up side, I am no longer bed ridden. I am up and about on crutches, doing chores and errands around the house, albeit taking quite a bit more time to do them then with two functioning legs. The only pain I feel is the surgical incision itself which is still very tender, and the occasion phantom twinge. I am eager to start exercising on my fitness tower soon. I’ll probably attempt a routine tomorrow.

I hope everyone else is healing well. The best to all of you.

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