Back Under the Knife

Well today at the doctor my concerns were confirmed with my MRI. I have re-ruptured my Achilles at the surgery site. The surgeon who did my first surgery told me that in 13 years I was his first person to re-rupture. Great. After consulting with other surgeons and doctors, my doctor changed his opinion and recommended a second surgery as opposed to just physical therapy which he originally ordered. He said that because of my age (30) and how fast I was recovering from my prior surgery, he thought I would be a good candidate for a second surgery (also the other doctors he consulted recommended it in my case). They tell me the surgery is a bit more complicated because it is in the same area and that it will take longer. He also said that during surgery if he has any question of the strength of the repaired Achilles site, he will reinforce it with part of a tendon from my foot. Either way I go in for surgery tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, right now I have about a 6 in scar on the back of my leg. After this surgery I will have a scar from the bottom of foot up to mid calf. Chicks dig scars right?

My doctor says that the recovery time will be longer than the first time but I don’t have a specific timeline as it will depend on how I progress through physical therapy. I am hopeful that since it was going well the first time before the re-rupture, it will continue to do so. I will likely have a soft cast on my leg post surgery for two weeks. They will then check to make sure the incision is healing and will go into a hard cast for a month instead of a walking boot. I’ll try to post updates when I can but I suspect the next few days I will be in an oxy induced daze.

Until then….

4 Responses to “Back Under the Knife”

  1. Sorry to hear about your re-rupture. I hope the second surgery goes well.

  2. Hope everything goes ok with your surgery tomorrow. We will be thinking of you !

  3. All the best! You can do it!

  4. Sending well wishes and prayers your way. Please keep us posted.

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