This is my first attempt at blogging and I will try to keep it up to date with my progress. At first when I ruptured my Achilles I was hopeful of having a full recovery. After a subsequent re-rupture/strain post surgery I was devastated. Although my prognosis is still good, my timeline for recovery has been doubled, according to my doctor.

About me… I’m 30 years old in relatively good shape. I live in Madison, WI. I have been involved in sports/athletics all my life including high school, college, and post college. My job requires me to be in good shape/health and prior to this injury I was big into strength training (4+ days a week at the gym). On my days off from the gym I would often do cardio/running to stay in shape. Enough about me back to doomsday….

My wife and I recently bought our first home. After moving into a new neighborhood a few of my neighbors asked me to be in their flag football league. Sounded like a blast so of course I said yes! Prior to our FIRST game I had been warming up/stretching/building up to full sprints. I did this for approximately an hour prior to the start of the game. I don’t normally warm up this long however I needed to learn the playbook and routes (I quickly learned I was on a very competitive team). Five minutes into the game one of the more challenging things in my life happened. I was on the line of scrimmage, the quarterback said “hut,” I pushed off with my right leg to being my sprint down field and heard/felt a loud snap on the back of my right leg. At that point I knew something was wrong but did not fully understand it until my right foot came down again and I realized my foot was not working. I did not fall down, however knew I could not walk or run. I pathetically hopped off of the field to inspect my leg. Upon looking at the back of my right leg I noticed that had a significant indentation where my Achilles tendon once lived. Having had a friend who ruptured his Achilles two years prior, I had a pretty good idea of what had happened. I called my wife, told her to pick me up. My suspicion was confirmed at the doctors office later that night….a ruptured Achilles. I was given pain medication and put into a large boot that locked my toes downward to relieve tension on the area of my Achilles. This was on 4/30/15…a date I will not soon forget. I know everyone reading this wants to know how my flag football team did that day….we got smoked.

Prior to this as I stated I was in good health. I had no known medical conditions and my only surgery was getting tubes put in my ears as a child. I have never suffered any pain or soreness from my Achilles tendon area. I saw another doctor and an orthopedic surgeon on 5/4/15 who confirmed the rupture and gave me a surgery date of 5/5/15.

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