Recovery Part 2

Well as I said I had my second surgery on 6/23/15. The doctor told me that it was a success. I am currently bandaged up in a soft plaster cast that keeps my toes pointed down. In about two weeks I will go back to the doctor and they will put my leg in a [...]

Back Under the Knife

Well today at the doctor my concerns were confirmed with my MRI. I have re-ruptured my Achilles at the surgery site. The surgeon who did my first surgery told me that in 13 years I was his first person to re-rupture. Great. After consulting with other surgeons and doctors, my doctor changed his opinion and [...]

Doomsday Part 2

I was supposed to start work on a limited basis again on 6/11/15 due to my new found mobility. I’ll set the mood quickly before I tell you what everyone is assuming…
6/6/15 was a beautiful hot humid day in North Carolina, a perfect day for a pool party. I had surprised my friend on his [...]


5/5/15 was surgery day. My wife brought me to the hospital where they prepped me for the big event. I was given a nerve block and prior to the nerve block I was given Fentanyl through and IV. This being only the second time I received pain medication through IV (my first being 4/30/15) I [...]


This is my first attempt at blogging and I will try to keep it up to date with my progress. At first when I ruptured my Achilles I was hopeful of having a full recovery. After a subsequent re-rupture/strain post surgery I was devastated. Although my prognosis is still good, my timeline for recovery has [...]