Seven weeks in boot ! Doctor’s visit

I went to see the doc today with lots of hope only to be told that i need to be in the boot for another 2 weeks . According to him my Physio therapist was not aggressive enough and the doctor did not think i was confident enough to be out of boot as yet [...]

Need to work out !

In the boot now for 5 weeks. Have started to gain weight !
I have been watching my deit and have been eating healthy. Have been taking the vit c / protein / fish oil / iron supplements.Limited my carbs .
Sadly I have not been doing any form of upper body work out. Just the 3 [...]

5 WEEKS IN VACOPED BOOT , 6 weeks post op and ANXIOUS !!!

I had a complete ATR on 5th February while playing tennis ( was going to serve!!!!)Heard a loud pop sound and felt as if someone hit me hard on my achilles with a bat or back of the tennis racquet .
NOTE-FEW SECONDS AFTER INJURY ,THERE WAS NO PAIN .But did feel weird , bottomless under [...]

Hello world!

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