Seven weeks in boot ! Doctor’s visit

I went to see the doc today with lots of hope only to be told that i need to be in the boot for another 2 weeks . According to him my Physio therapist was not aggressive enough and the doctor did not think i was confident enough to be out of boot as yet though the tendon has nicely healed .

As of today morning , i was still in boot and two crutches , doing leg lifts , few foot flexes till where i was comfortable and ball squeeze between my two feet everyday at least 2 times . As per the doc i should have been without crutches by now and there is too much of calf muscle atrophy . So i am very disappointed with my physio therapist and feel terrible as if seven weeks were not enough in the boot .

I was sent back home with single crutch. This felt good :) and i could easily handle it . Now after 4 hours and back home , i feel i can move around in boot without crutches . I wish i was allowed to move to single crutch one week back !!!!!

I have been too cautious !!!!

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  1. hi summer, sorry to hear this!

    i was in the same boat two weeks ago and was forced onto two further weeks, do you also live in Scotland and see the same consultant? lol

    although i was gutted last time i took the advice with care and followed it. i just commented elsewhere (check comments feed in the main page under my name), you ought to make your best to keep walking as much as possible with the boot on without fatigue and taking risks, this will strengthen the muscle and pave the way for the next steps, as you know!

    i was in the same boat as you but luckily saw a private PT and she gave me a proper bullocking and got me off the crutches (i still carried them for safety) but there is nothing to stop you from walking and navigating stairs with the boot.

    so keep the spirits up and don’t worry, soon you’ll be walking too!


  2. Summers, it is so frustrating when our mind wants us one way and our body says NO. What ever the reason, it still gets our blood boiling but what is done is done, think of the positive and move forward.

    Best of luck on you improvement,

  3. Hi Pozaicer,

    Thanks for lifting up my spirits , i did feel better after reading your note .
    Had PT session 3 days back and my therapist has got more aggressive with lots of massage and scar management and ROM exercise , practice to walk.Now PT 3 times a week . So yesterday was the big day and i am out of the BOOT only in the house !!!!
    Thrilled to the core .
    Right now , extremely stiff at the tendon , walking around the house freely , no crutches.Going up and down the stairs!!!
    Eight weeks to two shoes .Yahoo !!!

  4. Congratulations, Summer! Two shoes at home is a great improvement! :-D
    Keep up the great work and improvements, and happy healing!

  5. Metonia , i did hit my low after my last visit to the doc ! Thanks for the kind words and i am on my way to the progress :)
    I am in two shoes at home with no crutches now , PT GOT a lot aggressive after the doctors feed back about my very slow recovery !!!!
    Hope you are recovering well .I will try my pool for the aqua therapy ( meaning my ground exercise )
    I can hardly bend for the squats and am very very stiff at the Tendon.

  6. Hi Manny ,
    Thank you so much :) You always bring a smile .
    I found your of of your note in my inbox and it never got posted on this blog .Also one of my reply to Pozaicer did not get posted .I wonder why .

    Yes its great to be in two shoes !!!!
    Hope you are healing well .

  7. summer, this is great news, well done!

    you are a cheeky sod complaining, you still beat me to shoes by a week! ;-)

    on the shoes note, i feel a lot safer in winter boots or regular boots (although my consultant said this is irrelevant, but what the hell do they know?) but i noticed that the ’sole’ is a crucial factor. for me the softer, as in being able to mould itself to the ground, the better. i find myself limping when i stop ‘thinking’ to walk ‘properly’.

    so every time i walk now, i think ‘walk properly, roll on the foot, start at the heel, feel the foot on the ground, then try to finish with the toes’, this only works with small steps, as if it’s my regular step it overstretches the tendon to uncomfortable levels and the limp comes in. suffice to say, i’ve gone from the disabled looking man in a boot to the disabled looking man who limps and talks to himself…..

    happy healing!


  8. Hi Pozaicer ,
    I have been wearing my ascis shoes around the house ,sometimes i use a heel insert (evenings when the swelling is back) I feel comfortable in them .
    My Physio , though insists that whenever possible and safely try walking bare feet .
    I am very stiff at the tendon , though theres very slight improvement . I am trying the “walk properly , roll on foot and agree works on small steps only and when i forget i find my self limping too .
    I haven’t tried , going out without the boot as yet .
    Lol …. disabled looking man !!! Probably the best time to use the disabled parking lot , which i always eyed while waitng for and empty parking lot !!
    Happy healing ….

  9. hi summer,

    thanks for sharing your physio thoughts, i have done quite a bit of walking on bare feet, and it feels ok. it’s mega difficult to understand our own bodies, even though we’ve had them for quite a while, doesn’t it? by this i mean that it is not easy to figure out what’s safe and what’s pushing the boundaries of recovery. personally i’m finding my sessions in the pool the most effective at stretching the tendon safely, when i come out of the pool i can almost walk normal.

    we gotta laugh at our own misfortunes don’t you think? a colleague recently asked me ‘are you ok, is your tendon sore?’ and i was like ‘nope, it’s perfectly fine, this is how i look!’



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