Need to work out !

In the boot now for 5 weeks. Have started to gain weight !
I have been watching my deit and have been eating healthy. Have been taking the vit c / protein / fish oil / iron supplements.Limited my carbs .

Sadly I have not been doing any form of upper body work out. Just the 3 different leg lifts.

Are there any safe upper  body dumbbell workouts we can do at home safely ? Any suggestions for some good online links .

Thank you and happy healing to all …..

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  1. If you are still in a boot, I would do those workouts where you lay or seat on a bench: chest press, flies, biceps curls, triceps with dumbells, lat pulldown, etc. I would not recommend squatting. Definitely no pull ups, push ups would hurt. If you are able to put some pressure on your foot, then you could do some cable exercises. Look for some exercises from this site: bodybuilding dot com slash exercises.
    I would recommend getting a personal trainer once a week so they can show you some exercises you can do and how to do it in proper form.
    Don’t expect to lose a lot of calories with weight training. When you are ready you could do the ellyptical, or cycling, that will get you some cardio. For me, nothing compares to running to lose calories fast. I gained about 6 pounds so far after this ordeal. But I hope to lose it all and more after I return to my regular life.
    Since I were two shoes, I have incorporated some push ups, calf raises, leg extensions, leg curls, hip abduction/adduction, etc. Pretty much everything except for anything that puts too much strain on the tendon.

  2. Oh, you can do a lot of crunches too! =)

  3. Summer and Beanie: my apologies for changing your name Beanie! I just keep thingking “My Bonnie lies over the ocean…” LOL
    Summer, I’m glad to see you are getting really great advice from real athletes!
    Happy healing!……………… Manny

  4. Lol Manny! You make me laugh

  5. Hey Summer, what s40love said - anything upper body, tummy and back extensions (superman). I did push-ups resting boot on other leg. I also did pull-ups, l-hangs, toes-to-bar. Rowing is excellent cardio if you have access- you rest the boot on something with wheels or the seat of another rower. To make the weight workout more cardio, pick 3-4 exercises and do 3-5 rounds of each alternating at 10-20 reps and do them fast. Good luck and happy healing!

  6. Beanie is tough enough to do pull ups. I’m a chicken ha ha. I agree with rowing, that’s a good one too!

  7. Hi! I am a Haglund surgery, nine weeks out. By week five, I cycled in my boot and it worked just fine. I am in shoes now and no issues from cycling in my boot. All the upper body exercises are great too. I recommend going to the gym. The atmosphere will be motivating. Good luck.

  8. Stationary cycle is fine in the boot at 5 weeks. I think I started before then but just start with the heel of the boot on the pedal and work your way to the toe as tolerated. It is very boring after a while so find a distraction while you do it.

  9. it was lovely to get so much of valuable information from all of you . It has lifted up my spirits and have made me feel happy .
    SO i am again on my way to a happy recovery :)
    I have started doing my upper body dumbbell workout and alternating it with seated upper body cardio workout .

    Its great to start workout :))
    Thank you , thank you Beanie , Manny , s40love , Stuart,Sunny .

    Just an update , I had a PT yesterday and all is looking well .My wound scab is still there , but looks like healing well .
    I have been out in the boot for 3-4 hours few times and there was not much swelling .
    And thanks to the evenups , its more comfortable with them.
    Another 7 days to two shoes if all goes well .
    Heapping healing to all of you …..keep smiling

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