Seven weeks in boot ! Doctor’s visit

I went to see the doc today with lots of hope only to be told that i need to be in the boot for another 2 weeks . According to him my Physio therapist was not aggressive enough and the doctor did not think i was confident enough to be out of boot as yet though the tendon has nicely healed .

As of today morning , i was still in boot and two crutches , doing leg lifts , few foot flexes till where i was comfortable and ball squeeze between my two feet everyday at least 2 times . As per the doc i should have been without crutches by now and there is too much of calf muscle atrophy . So i am very disappointed with my physio therapist and feel terrible as if seven weeks were not enough in the boot .

I was sent back home with single crutch. This felt good :) and i could easily handle it . Now after 4 hours and back home , i feel i can move around in boot without crutches . I wish i was allowed to move to single crutch one week back !!!!!

I have been too cautious !!!!

Need to work out !

In the boot now for 5 weeks. Have started to gain weight !
I have been watching my deit and have been eating healthy. Have been taking the vit c / protein / fish oil / iron supplements.Limited my carbs .

Sadly I have not been doing any form of upper body work out. Just the 3 different leg lifts.

Are there any safe upper  body dumbbell workouts we can do at home safely ? Any suggestions for some good online links .

Thank you and happy healing to all …..

5 WEEKS IN VACOPED BOOT , 6 weeks post op and ANXIOUS !!!

I had a complete ATR on 5th February while playing tennis ( was going to serve!!!!)Heard a loud pop sound and felt as if someone hit me hard on my achilles with a bat or back of the tennis racquet .
NOTE-FEW SECONDS AFTER INJURY ,THERE WAS NO PAIN .But did feel weird , bottomless under my injured feet !
Luckily for me ,my coach had had a rupture too and could tell while checking me that it was an injury to my achilles.My friends and coach carried me to the car and help me drive to the emergency .
I had to go for an MRI and latter met with the surgeon who latter confirmed that i had had a complete ATR. Was given both the options (sugery and conservative boot method).After some research and speaking to one of my family sport surgeon decided to go ahead with the surgery .
Had the surgery the next morning . I was in for one and half hour. Came out heavily sedated and once the anesthesia stared wearing off ,felt better. The surgery went well .I was given pain killers and released to go home after another day .
First 4/5 days went by with bare minimum pain .The pain came back once the pain killers were reduced .
The first week was NWB .
Met the doctor again after a week and was fitted into a Vacoped boot .Went for a physio , i was taught to walk in boot , electric vibrations /ultrasound /very gentle massage to move the toe and fingers only ).I started PWB week 2.
I had my next appointment a week latter , the two knots holding the sutures were removed , bandaged and sent back home .This week the physio 2 times a week again .I was advised to remove the bandage on my own on day 17 and was allowed to wet the wound ( making sure it was a quick shower and the wound was not soaked to long in water .

Week 3 post op i was still having physio twice a week - ultra sound /vibration/gentle massage .I was also asked to do leg lifts with ankle weights 2-3 times a day . I have been religiously doing my 3 exercises for leg lifts with 1 kg weight on both legs 2 times almost everyday.

Week -4 post op PT reduced to once a week till boot comes off .I have to continue my leg lifts everyday.And also this week i went to the flater Vacoped heel with 15 degree planter flex.Once I  changed heel ,i felt sacred and stretched at the wound but the next day was better .

Thankyou so much to all my fellow bloggers and all those who have been writing and sharing all thats going on .Supporting and encouraging while self healing .

Now at week 4 and 3 days( IN BOOT) and waiting !!!! I have been reading a lot and have been wondering if i have been doing enough in the form of the only 3 types of leg lifts that i do 2 times a day .I have just started my upper body dumbbell work out .Going very slow with lesser weight than what i am used to .

I am told by my Physio therapist that all my exercises will start after 6weeks when my boot comes off .Also i am very anxious  to know whats the feeling like once the boot comes off and you have to take the first step.

How long does one limp ???

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