I got a notification of a comment on one of my old posts and it brought me back here for the first time in weeks. Having been a many-times-a-day visitor in the early stages, feeling hugely relieved and grateful to the other people posting their experiences and offering reassurance, I have now basically reached the stage where I’m back to normal.
Now, normal is not actually normal - can’t run, can’t single leg calf raise, weekly physio, swollen ankle, limp after walking more than a km or so…but it’s normal enough to get on with day to day living umimpeded by a wonky tendon. It’s good to hear from some of the old faces, and my message to those earlier on in the cycle would just be that with ATRs it starts off hard but gets easier - no one is prepared for it, but once you get your head round your new situation you are well on the way to recovery.