Yay…I’m in 2 shoes!  Just practising around the house and garden with a 1 cm heel lift in my ‘bad’ shoe, but balance seems OK.  My calf is shrunken and my ankle still swollen, but how I look really doesn’t matter to me…I am on the mend!

physio on Friday was all about balance and preparation for the exercises I can start this week - stretches, 2 legged heel raises leaning on a table and lots of different activities while sitting on a gym ball.  I think I’ll still wear the vacoped on the train commute for a few days, but then straight into shoes for the working day.  For all those just starting out, I can honestly say that progressive treatment, with incremental steps each week, has so far meant that (other than for the first 2 weeks of total immobility) the time hasn’t dragged.