So, halfway through week 5 in a sweltering (by our standards!)UK…where have I got to?

  • boot is off at night and has been for a week and a half, felt a bit odd on the first night but great now
  • Physio now includes seated heel raises, pushing against a theraband, rolling foot around a football as well as massage to get the ankle joint mobilised, and pressure on the tendon as well
  • I’ve now got the vacoped set with 10-30 degrees of movement, still on the rocker sole with an even up sole on the left foot, and I’m not using crutches at all
  • Still icing a few times a day - a bit obvious I know, but the more I sit around with the boot on and leg not raised, the more swelling I get!

 I’m trying to figure out how to add pictures - it it works here’s a leg comparison …must be an angle thing, my feet aren’t really that small!

And here’s the back - I’ve got a 2inch scar with a tiny bit of scabbing that I’m too wimpy to pick off and an odd dent above and below:

I’m off to watch a day’s cricket at Lords on Friday, which is normally quite a boozy affair but given my current unwieldiness I think I might take it easy.  The advice I’m getting sounds like I’m not into 2 shoes until the 8-9 week point, by which time I can also return to driving which will be great.  Sadly, given the possibility of overbalancing and dropping 200kg of weight onto a not 100% achilles, my poor old triumph street triple r is staying under its cover for a while longer:(